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Edgewater’s New Spotlight Member: Sparkfactor

spotlight on sparkfactor

We’re incredibly fortunate to be featured in Edgewater Now a few weeks ago! Our owner, George Lowe, answered a few questions for those curious about what our business does and why we love Edgewater! But, as not to lose the

Why Positive Thinking Is Important to Your Business

While there are many ways to harbor the habit of thinking positively (see this article, or this one, or this one), does positive thinking have an impact on business?

12 Starter Steps to Creativity

This blog originally appeared on foursightonline.com and is written by Blair Miller “I’m not creative” she said emphatically and made her point further by saying, “I don’t get paid to be creative, and nothing you can say or do will

Is There Really No Such Thing as Bad Publicity?

I love movies and the Oscars. I enjoy the glam, the recognition of well-made movies, the debates about which movies should win. This year the Oscars came across controversy with the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. While I could go on for a

Brand in Crisis // Learn From Apple’s Reaction to the FBI

As you’ve probably read in the last couple of weeks, the FBI is taking Apple to court to make them create code that breaks their own security enhancements to retrieve possible data from a terrorist’s phone. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook

Honest Feedback is a Good Thing // Here’s How to Achieve It

For Valentine’s Day one year, a young member of our family made a valentine for a boy in her class. She spent a lot of time making sure it was pretty enough and that she said exactly what she wanted to say. When

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Achieve Your Team’s Goals

As a business owner or CMO, you have a clear vision of where you want your business to go. You make goals, set benchmarks, use technology to monitor progress, and help manage your team through the process. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing

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sparkfactor is a full service digital agency in Chicago. We design and build amazing websites, bring life to stories through videos and motion graphics, create inspiring identities and promote brands across social, print, outdoor, and out of home media. Visit us any time. We're always ready to listen to your next challenge.

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