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Sparkfactor respects each and every one of our customers’ right to Privacy. At no time will any personal information given to Sparkfactor (i.e. name, home address, home or work phone numbers, purchase history, etc.) will be sold or transferred to any other party. We have built our reputation on service and taking care of our customers beyond their expectations, and we will continue to provide these levels of service for many years to come.


Mailing List

We have a mailing list and have forms on our site in which we ask visitors for contact information (such as their email address). We use contact data from our forms to contact the users and give information about our company. No information entered on our site will be shared with other companies. The customer’s contact information is also used to contact the visitor when necessary. Users may choose not to receive future mailings from us by deleting their names from our mailing list.


Reviewing, Changing Your Information or Unsubscribing to

You can unsubscribe to our emails, newsletters and mailing lists at any time. Click the UNSUBSCRIBE link on any email or respond UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject of your email.

Requests to be unsubscribed will be processed immediately. However, you may receive additional correspondence for up to 30 days after your request. Delays may occur if the email address or postal address information you provide us does not match the information in our database.



Cookies are files that your Web browser places on your computer’s hard drive. Sparkfactor uses this feature of your Internet web browser to remember who you are when you download information.


Our Commitment to Data Security

Sparkfactor wants to ensure the security of your personal and financial information while shopping on our web site. Please be aware that no transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed as 100% secure, but for this reason we employ strong security measures to protect your personal information to the greatest possible extent. SSL is a set of rules followed by computers connected to the Internet. These rules include encryption, which guards against eavesdropping; data integrity, which assures that your communications aren’t tampered with during transmission; and authentication, which verifies that the party actually receiving your communication is who they are claimed to be. In addition to our SSL technology, we urge you to close your browser window after shopping online to ensure you are logged out of your visit and/or online account. This is especially important when you are sharing a computer, or using a computer with public access.


Notice of Changes

Sparkfactor’s Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice. At any time, you may visit our website to view the current policy.

1. Definitions. Capitalized terms which are not defined herein shall have the meaning provided in the Agreement. In addition,

the following defined terms apply solely with respect to this Policy.

a. “Applicable Law” means any statute, regulation, executive order, and other rule or rules issued by a government office or

agency that have binding legal force and are generally applicable to Personal Data or the provision of the Services with respect

to Personal Data, including EU Regulation 2016/679 and the state and federal laws of the United States.

b. “Data Subject” means an individual natural person that is identified or identifiable by means of Personal Data.

c. “Personal Data” means any information about a natural person that is identified or identifiable to the natural person, either

alone or in combination with other information, that Sparkfactor will Process or have access to as part of providing the

Services, including any such information that is created by means of the Services. Personal Data includes “personal data” as

that term is defined under Applicable Law.

d. “Process,” when used with respect to Personal Data, means: (i) to record, store, organize, structure, analyze, query, modify,

combine, encrypt, display, disclose, transmit, receive, render unusable, or destroy, by automated means or otherwise; (ii) to

provide cloud or other remote technology hosting services for applications or services that do any of the foregoing; and (iii)

any other use or activity that is defined or understood to be processing under Applicable Law.

e. “Security Event” means any of the following: (i) unauthorized Processing or other use or disclosure of Personal Data; (ii)

unauthorized access to or acquisition of Personal Data or the systems on which Personal Data is Processed; (ii) any significant

corruption or loss of Personal Data that Sparkfactor is unable to repair within a minimal period of time; (iii) any event that

has or is reasonably likely to significantly disrupt the Processing of the Personal Data as part of the Services; and (iv) any

material unsuccessful attempt to gain unauthorized access to, or to destroy or corrupt, the Personal Data, but not including

any routine, unsuccessful events such as pings, port scans, blocked malware, failed log in attempts, or denial of service


2. Confidential Information. The Personal Data that Sparkfactor Processes for you as part of the Services is your Confidential

Information covered by our confidentiality commitments stated in this Agreement.

3. Use and Disclosure. We will not use, disclose, or Process the Personal Data except as permitted by the Agreement or your

other written instructions, or as strictly necessary for our internal administrative purposes related to the provision of our Services.

We will make available to you a list of any sub-processors we use in compliance with Applicable Law. We will require any subprocessors

to contractually agree to terms at least as protective of your Personal Data as those stated in this DPA and the


4. Compliance with Applicable Law. Each party will comply with Applicable Law as it relates to such party’s performance under

the Agreement

5. Notice of Request from Data Subject. We will promptly notify you if we receive a request from a Data Subject to disclose,

provide a copy, modify, block, or take any other action with respect to Personal Data pertaining to the Data Subject, unless notice

is prohibited by Applicable Law; and, except to the extent required by Applicable Law, we will not independently take any action

in response to a request from a Data Subject without your prior written instruction. We will cooperate with your reasonable

requests for access to Personal Data and other information and assistance as necessary to respond to a request or complaint by

a Data Subject.

6. In the event of an actual or suspected Security Event. In the event of a discovered or suspected Security Event, Sparkfactor

shall provide notice without undue delay to Customer’s technical and account contacts using those means established for routine

account-related communications (or other such method of notice as agreed between us). Our notice shall include the following


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