Who We Are

Ever eaten saganaki? You know there will be a flame, or in our case…  a spark.

The spark happened in 1997 at a restaurant in Chicago’s Greek Town, when George Lowe and Jack Sonta wanted to start a new media company that was fun, exciting and (most importantly) their own. Lowtide Images, Ltd. was hatched, our logo a starfish. By 2000 George and Jack had carried the flame to Wicker Park, where Lowtide became Sparkfactor as we know it today.

We have come a long way since our original cd-i. Sparkfactor is now a source for advertising, design, branding, strategy and complete multimedia services. With deep-rooted experience in content and campaigns for companies large and small, we have what it takes to light up your next production. Explore our capabilities.

Our Team


President + Founder
Over 17 years of experience in video and web.

Dreams Big
Plays Hard
Works Harder

Loved by: bartenders, Bears fans, gingers
Feared by: sausages, slower cyclists

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Designer / Developer
Sound Designer

True Renaissance Man
T-shirt aficionado
Joke writer
Electronic music producer

Loved by: Morrissey fans
Feared by: long to-do lists, members / presidents of the hair club for men.

More About Vishnu


Digital Engagement Manager
Has more Star Wars memorabilia than you

Fiction fanatic
Movie marathoner
Alliteration admirer

Loved by: little old ladies, glow-in-the-dark frisbees
Feared by: run-on sentences, condiment-free burgers

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