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Introducing Sporkfactory


Dear Friends, As much as we’ve loved helping you with all your digital needs, Sparkfactor has come to a fork in the road and has decided to start a new venture. We are going into the utensil manufacturing business and becoming

Inspiration vs. Information


Inspiration is an amazing thing. It drives us to take action, answer our own questions. It makes us feel empowered and free. Inspiration opens the door to a set of alluring mysteries… “How did they do that?” “Where can I get that?”

An Audience For Open Source Design

When our favorite source for pre-fab vector images, “The Noun Project” started up a few years ago in the West Loop, we jumped right on board. The concept {at least how it was communicated} was to build an open-source library

It’s Better to .GIF(t) than to Receive!

Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays from Sparkfactor! At Sparkfactor we have a firm belief when it comes to showing your holiday spirit that it is indeed much more rewarding to .GIF(t) than it is to receive! May your holiday be

Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift? Then, you should probably look elsewhere, but if you are looking to be the king or queen of your Secret Santa or White Elephant party, pay close attention to the gift suggestions below. You will

Top 10 Tips for Awesome SEO

What’s all this fuss about S-E-O? Well, it’s what brings people with questions to the people with answers. Every time you make a search for something on your favorite search engine there is a complex algorithm that calculates the relevance

Truth and Advertising #InspiredBy Community

Hidden wonders surround us every day. Often we’re so focused on dealing with immediate challenges, we don’t see the unique resources standing within arm’s reach. The secret power of community is that opening up our challenges to trusted partners often

Summer Video Special #InspiredBy Motion

Movement inspries us – from prehistoric cave paintings, to the earliest experiments in moving pictures, to our 3-D summer blockbusters, we stop the motion of things we want to understand more closely and put things into motion that we want to bring to life.

Want to Make Revenue Goals? Dig Into User Experience.

Learning from our clients in the not-for-profit sector informs how we deliver creative services to businesse sof all kinds, including yours. Organizations have financial goals just like for-profit companies, but they go about meeting them in very different ways. A

Powered by Mastery. #InspiredBy Change.

My nephew is 2 years old. He’s a very bright, active kid. However, there are a few skills of which his parents would already like him to have a better command – most notably, the use of the English language.

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