Motion Graphics + Video

See Jane See


See Jane See is a microsite-based program seeking to create awareness of women’s eye health issues. Prevent Blindness came to us with the need for a redesigned blog and motion graphics to help make campaign messages more relatable. We started

Siemens eMeter Motion Graphics


Sparkfactor eMeter Promo Edit 20140507 A from Sparkfactor on Vimeo. Siemens Building Technologies asked us to partner in creating an extensive series of motion graphics for their new e-Meter division. The family of over 30 related video shorts were presented

Together We Served


Together We Served from Sparkfactor on Vimeo. When Together We Served started working with Sparkfactor they already had a company video. Although, from their analytics and member feedback they knew that the over 5 minute narrative wasn’t captivating viewers the

Siemens – IC NAM Effieciency


Siemens – IC NAM Effieciency from Sparkfactor on Vimeo. Siemens Infrastructures and Cities was looking to promote innovation throughout the division. Vertical Incorporated and Sparkfactor combined to produce this 30 second animated video that is fun, informative and engages employees.

Bio-Tissue OSREF Studies Testimonial Series

Bio-Tissue : OSREF Studies

Bio-Tissue’s OSREF Studies Testimonial Series is a direct, business-to-business campaign centered around the power of genuine, authentic narratives to make clinical case studies personal and relevant on a physician and patient level. Video content was delivered through a series of

Prevent Blindness America – The Cost of Vision


Early in 2013, Prevent Blindness America directed a study of the economic burden of vision loss and blindness in the United States. While an enormous amount of data was generated, the study findings had not been distilled into a compelling

Prevent Blindess America – Glaucoma Public Service Announcements


Prevent Blindness America contracted our creative team to concept and produce these related public service announcements. These PSA’s were crafted for specific, target markets in order to spread awareness about Glaucoma. Most importantly, these videos promote a proactive approach to

Delta Sigma Phi – 2013 Convention Promo


The team at Sparkfactor worked with only a handful of stills (and all of of our skill) to create create an inspiring, epic movie trailer feel for this event promotion. The national staff at Delta Sigma Phi got an video

Bio-Tissue Vision Source Conference


This pair of videos was used to introduce highly targeted audiences at the Vision Source conference to Biotissue and its family of products. Shot on-location in Miami Florida, these videos bring to life the technology and innovation of founder and

Prokera In-Office Demo


Biotissue, the manufacturer of Prokera, a biologic device, asked us to film a demonstration of their latest technology being utilized by a practicing doctor in the field of ophthalmology. This video was shot on-location with a local patient and doctor.

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