There’s a saying that “the devil is in the details.” Bringing technology products to market requires visual designers to walk a fine line between sufficient detail and overwhelming complexity. Siemens created Advantage Navigator to address the complex needs of large-scale and industrial power grid customers in US markets. In order to roll out their new product successfully, Siemens needed to convey the benefits of this robust platform to highly technical decision makers in a succinct and relatable way.

Sparkfactor responded to our client’s need with an narrative driven by animated info-graphics. Our visual approach was designed to communicate with precision, while leaving out the unimportant and distracting. We combined custom illustration and carefully curated stock to create a customizable world that our audience could identify with. The finished video reflects a nuanced approach to communicating through images, voice and on-screen text to deliver a powerful message about a powerful product. The video was rolled out as part of their Fall 2014 US trade show schedule.

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