The beginning of a new year is filled with resolutions, and an adventorous spirit. In this list, we give you six social media ideas you’ll want to consider adding to your 2015 to-do list. They’re up-and-coming or new-to-business sites and if you jump on the bandwagon early enough, you’ll know the ins and outs of the site before your competition even thinks of having their foot in the door.




Labeled the anti-Facebook, Ello promises to be ad-free and never to sell users’ data. But that doesn’t necessarily mean companies can’t use the site. Ello offers a chance for businesses to get creative and stop thinking with a “sell, sell, sell” mindset. Engage with consumers in an authentic, transparent way and you might find that the pay-off is worth the time.



If blogging and social media networks got together and had a baby, Medium would be it. The hybrid site has a clean website design that focuses the user on the words on the screen. After all, the website says, “Medium is not about who you are or whom you know, but about what you have to say.” It might be hard to pinpoint a target audience on the site, but it could build your company’s credibility and thought leadership.




In a world of cyber-bullying, Shots came up with a social network that fights back. Like Instagram, Shots allows users to take pictures and publish them publicly. Unlike other social media sites, it only uses the front-facing camera on a mobile phone, doesn’t allow comments to be posted, and removes users if there’s been reports of cyber-bullying. This real-time selfie conversation could be a fresh take on marketing to Shots’ major demographic: teenage girls.



2014 was a good year for early birds on SnapChat, the most popular ephemural app. Take the cue from 16 Handles, the NBA, and Taco Bell and create fun, light, and time-sensitive messages to engage consumers where they are.




Apple upped the ante for ecommerce in October by rolling out Apple Pay, a mobile payment method through the iPhone 6. Google already has Wallet, but social media moguls Facebook and Twitter are also throwing their hats into the ring by adding Buy buttons to selected posts. While this will make it easier for customers to buy your product, be cautious if and when your company decides to take the plunge—new mobile ecommerce companies are being born as we speak. 

Bluetooth_Logo_140x140These Bluetooth-enabled pieces of hardware allow retailers and other locations to ping consumers’ mobile devices if they’re within a certain proximity. This allows loyal customers to get exclusive deals, alerts, or any other communication the company may want to offer.


While all of these ideas might not fit into your marketing plan for 2015, it’s important to find the right balance for your company. Meet with us to find out how strategy and technology can come together for you.



Images from Wikipedia and company sites.