Complete the joke how ever you like.
The last time you embarrassed yourself at a company holiday party was a long time ago. Well, maybe it wasn’t actually all that long ago. You’ve obviously recovered emotionally, physically, and most of the people you work with probably haven’t thought about those booze and eggnog soaked comments you made for quite some time. With the best of intentions, you’ll probably still relax a little too much by around 7 o’clock tomorrow evening and the annual cycle will begin again.

Sure it’s funny now, but bookmark this page anyway until next week is over. Here are a few quick tips from the masters on how to remedy your reputation before your hangover is gone.

1. Get back on the horse. Providing you’re not actually sick to the point of nausea, you owe it to yourself to come in the next day. Skipping work out of embarrassment only adds a giant punctuation mark to the drama of whatever it was you said to the creepy guy in H.R. In this context acting like nothing happened is your best hand.

2. “People will talk. Let them talk.” Thanks to my friend and amazing songwriter Seth for this pearl of wisdom. There will certainly be a few folks buy alprazolam cheap competing for “best retelling of a story about a drunken co-worker,” but odds are your mishaps won’t really top the list once these raconteurs start digging deeper into the past in the spirit of true one-upmanship. Just let it go and laugh along with everyone else. At the very least, you’ll be remembered for being good-natured

3. Do as you do, not as you say. Fine-tuning your approach to company outings and airing your own shortcomings with others are two different things. Most people at your workplace are more concerned with their own lives than with yours. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and ask what’s in it for them before you turn the water cooler conversation into a confessional. Ask them something fun like, “are the kids getting excited for winter break yet?” or try another culturally normative, other-centered, easy to answer question. They’ll thank you.

Voila! You’re well on your way to a quick recovery and blending in among your peers for the next 11 months. Need help on managing your corporate reputation and building brand equity? We’re experts at that too – just drop us a line at info@sparkfactor.com

We’ll get your company’s brand mojo into shape before you can say
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Russell Lord


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