The Best Word of Mouth is Behind the Scenes: What the Air and Water Show Can Teach Us

The Chicago Air and Water Show is this weekend. You know how I know? I can hear them practicing from my office, and even occasionally see them as they whiz by.

The Air and Water Show is a staple of a summer in Chicago. People crowd on North Ave beach and spend all day looking from afar at the numerous acrobatic plane maneuvers, rescue teams, and parachuters, all the while waiting for the grand finale: the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

And while the city does create promotional material, like posters and TV ads, the best advertisement they have is the two days before the show even starts, when all the acts practice their routes. Depending on where you are in the city, you can hear the swoosh of planes overhead, the twack of helicopters, or even see the white clouds that trail long after the planes are out of view.

As I listen for the planes zooming by, I’m thinking about how the behind-the-scenes practice days of the Air and Water Show are really the best word of mouth for the event. It immediately creates a connection, “Oh, yeah, the Air and Water Show is this weekend,” followed by, “I should go to that.” It acts as the hype man for the two day spectacular.

Create Word of Mouth

Build up behind-the-scenes images and send them out via social media to followers, prospects, and customers. We love showing off the locations of our Google tour shoots on our blog. GE, as I learned at a recent event, showcases the art of machinery on their Instagram account.

Be your own hype man as you tell your audience about what you’re excited about. Are you cooking up something special in your restaurant’s kitchen? Did you get a new shipment of a popular product? Are you preparing for an event? Take a photo, display it proudly, and produce word of mouth as you become front of mind for people who are invested in your business. If you’re excited, they’ll get excited, and get others to get excited, too.

So while you’re watching the planes twist and turn this weekend, be mindful to take a play from the Air and Water Show’s book: give your audience a little taste of what you have to offer, and people could come out in droves.



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