Movement inspries us – from prehistoric cave paintings, to the earliest experiments in moving pictures, to our 3-D summer blockbusters, we stop the motion of things we want to understand more closely and put things into motion that we want to bring to life.

Motion reveals dynamic forces in play: energy, growth, and change of all kinds. Motion adds value to messages – creating stories we identify with and share. It brings messages to life and adds a human touch to mass communication. Wherever there is excitement, there’s motion. At Sparkfactor, we see this reflected in our portfolio. Whether the messages are heartfelt and emotional or driven by big data, our clients are asking us to captivate new audiences through polished graphics and storytelling. The most important messages of all – the ones meant to captivate – are delivered powerfully through motion. The results are ready for your review.


As summer’s warmth seduces us and our eyes turn towards the sky, we see passing clouds being pierced by glimmering distant jets. Join us in welcoming the inspiration that comes from our world of perpetual motion. When you’re ready to put your brands message into motion, you’ll find us poised with responsive design, mobile optimized video, and social media tactics that move as fast as your customers lives.