Star Hustler – Special Valentine’s Day Edition

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Does “retrograde motion” describe your love life?

Take the mystery out of your destiny with
our Valentine’s Day edition of Sparkfactor Star Hustler!

You are a go-getter and never take the subtle, low-key approach. Keep shouting at people to get your way. That should get you out of your loveless relationship.
Get ready for a romance! Mars traveled through your prestigious tenth house of honor. You may wonder about this house in addition to the other 9 houses that you apparently now own.
Venus may be in your third house, but don’t worry. There may be a hole in your heart, but that’s nothing iPad Mini can’t fill.
If anyone owes you money, you may see it now! By the way, can I borrow $20 dollars?
We are all born blessed with a natural capacity for empathy. Don’t think too much about that right now, because you’re making a really weird face and it’s killing the mood.
Still a Virgo, huh? Sorry. You’ll meet the right person some day.
You realize the person you’ve been set up with looks familiar. Hopefully, you’ll figure out you met this person at your family reunion before things really heat up.
You are completely buy xanax bar online obsessed about your online reputation. Stop checking Facebook during your long-anticipated romantic dinner. The waiter has been standing next to you patiently for a while now.
You have a powerful person on your side, who will make a generous offer. Still you should use caution, because when your date is a world champion body-builder, an offer to “pick you up” may be more than you expected.
Your energy is charged with the new moon, so you can only win! Play your favorite song to get in the mood for love. Tragically, it’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by Wang Chung.
Jupiter in your seventh house spells trouble. When dining with friends be sure to plan an escape route or bring a spare pair of pants.
Mercury is conjunct with Mars and that means you’re in for a night of bizarre inquiries. If the person asking is wearing a small hat, turn the tables and ask them… Why are they wearing that hat? Why is that hat so small?


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