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Katrina_BalogI worked with Sparkfactor on the 2013 Say Hello to Howard campaign. The Sparkfactor team quickly understood the dynamic of the commercial district and created a campaign that was both honest and interesting. The imagery and copy enticed the viewer to engage with the content. Sparkfactor is flexible and able to accommodate a client’s fluid priorities. They brought fresh ideas to the table and were passionate about the campaign’s success.

Katrina Balog | Rogers Park Business Alliance

Angela TsengI worked with Sparkfactor on a video shoot describing our company, its product offerings, and its history, and Sparkfactor went above and beyond to accomplish the job. They worked within our limited budget to deliver an amazing video. I was impressed with the “extra” that Sparkfactor contributed. Russell, their Creative Director, completely rewrote our script to convey a more compelling message, and he flew out, on Sparkfactor, to direct the shoot! We work with Sparkfactor on all our videos now.

Angela Tseng | Bio-Tissue

Jenny OrthThroughout our partnership with Sparkfactor, we have been so impressed with their ability to display a level of creativity in their email designs that can be unmatched. They put a great deal of thought into each of our campaigns and take the time to understand our vision. They are full of energy and enthusiasm, and ask little direction from us, simply the type of offer we’re looking to promote, and come back with a beautifully designed email every time. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Jenny Orth | barcoproducts.com

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