Project Overview

Company:  Vista View Cabletec

Industry: Cable railing assembly kits


Objective:  Create an ecommerce store with a custom “plan your project” app to populate a customers shopping cart by anserwing a series of project questions.  Animated instructional videos to walk customers through the process.

Scope:  WordPress responsive design and development.  Custom WooCommerce store and project app.  Animated instructional videos and logo.

Client  Account

VistaView CableTec produces cable railing assembly kits. These kits are easy-to-use and allow the customer to install the kit themselves in less time than the traditional cable railing system. VistaView CableTec came to Sparkfactor wanting to create an eCommerce website with the ability take customers through the project planning process.  This would include the ability to populate a shopping cart with all of the tools, wire, and bits to build a cable railing in the field.  As well as  a video to instruct customers in how to install their cable railing kits and also to use as marketing for those thinking about cable railing assembly kits over traditional hand crimp systems. 

Our initial phase was planning out the project app and choosing WooCommerce as the vehicle to carry this out.  Then created an animated video to instruct customers on installation.   The design and development of this project was built around the custom app and video.   


Our Work

  • ✱  Custom PHP code and development to integrate with WooCommerce
  • ✱  Adobe After Effects to animate graphics for instructional video
  • ✱  WordPress CMS 


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