Project Overview

 Company: Bolton Medical Inc. (Terumo Aortic (US))

Industry: Medical Products

Objective:  To create a motivational sales team video for a Florida conference. 

Scope:  Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.

Client  Account

Bolton Medical Inc. (Terumo Aortic (US)) Terumo advances healthcare based on reliable quality and technology developed with deep insight of the medical environment.

Our initial phase was creating a style or theme for the video. The Avengers movie had just came out and was quite popular, so to make this fun for the sales team we ended up using the font and some well known MARVEL effects to really give it the look and feel.  Once we chose a style, we then built out the story board.  This was created in Illustrator to then take the graphics created to the next step in After Affects.  Here the boards came to life applying animations to words, graphics and music. 

The last step was  the logo animation.  This was built in photoshop to get all the effect steps of lightening and glow.     


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