National Express Transit Corporation


Project Overview

Company: National Express Transit Corporation

Industry: Fixed Route and Paratransit solutions

Objective:  To educate throug creating a talking head style video with employees experiences. Capture training and work day in action to provide a glimps into what the training and job for a driver entails.

Scope:  Premiere Pro, Camera, Lighting, Audio, Script writing

Client  Account

National Express Transit Corporation A worldwide leader in Fixed Route and Paratransit solutions, National Express Transit (NEXT) has the experience and expertise to make sure there are no bumps along the way. NEXT is the transit division of National Express LLC (NELLC). As a subsidiary of National Express Group, NELLC is backed by the strength and history of one of the world’s leading public transit companies. 

The first step in planning this production was to create a script.  Working with the client we planned out questions for the interviews. 

After the production days, we moved into syncing audio and editing the interviews and B roll together.    


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