Project Overview

 Company: Artivion, Inc.

Industry: Medical Products

Objective:  To create a motivational sales team video for 2023 conference.

Scope:  Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Client  Account

,Artivion, Inc partners with surgeons to restore the health of patients by delivering innovative technologies of unsurpassed quality.  To be recognized as a leader in providing technologies for patients with aortic disease.

Our initial phase was about understanding the theme “OWN IT WIN IT.”  We gathered video clips inspired by the logo.  Soon after obtaining a script, we provided V/O samples to the client to set the tone.  The final V/O file was delivered cut up to utilize the best takes.  

We chose a high energy music track to add to the theme.  After completing the sequence of clips and transitions logo animation was next.  We brought the runner graphic to life from Illustrator to After Effects.   The full video is featured below.



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