While in Boston for INBOUND 2015, I took a Liberty Fleet sunset tour of the port. When we got to the Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge, one of the members of the crew told us that elephants were used to test the integrity of the bridge. When asked why, he said that it’s believed that elephants can sense danger and if they thought the bridge was unstable or dangerous, they wouldn’t have walked across.

Don’t you wish there was an elephant test in real life? A way to know if something is dangerous or unsound before we do it?

Many times companies or marketers run with an idea order tramadol online overnight delivery that could be dangerous to the brand or hurtful to the audience they’re looking to connect with. Looking back, it seems like it would be a no-brainer to knock the idea off the table and start back at square one . . . but no one does. How does a bad idea gain so much traction?

Groupthink is a psychological term used to describe when people don’t voice their opinions in group settings because they’re afraid of a negative consequence. Because of that, the group continues with an idea that could be detrimental, which is how a not-so-great idea can turn into a bad campaign.

There are two ways to help ensure campaigns don’t go awry. The most important is to create an atmosphere of honesty where employees can speak up with suggestions or constructive criticism, without fear of being moved off the project or worse. With 85% of employees unsatisfied with the quality of communication at work, it’s easy to see how important open communication is, not only for potential campaigns, but also to employee satisfaction.

Another way to check the viability of an idea or campaign is to run it by a limited number of employees who are outside the conception of the project. They can offer insights, as someone on the outside looking in, that others might have overlooked. Much like the child at the end of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, an outsider’s perspective can open eyes to problems unseen before.

While not 100% foolproof, these strategies can help companies navigate the waters of marketing and work to bridge the gap between consumer and brand.

Do you need an outside opinion on a marketing campaign or strategy?


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