Headshots Don't Have to Be Boring // Photography Month

May is Photography Month, and we love photography here at Sparkfactor. This week, we’ll be publishing a series of posts based on photography. Today’s post focuses on the importance of headshots.

A great way to advertise your company is to let people see your personality. We’ve talked about how a peek behind the scenes can help consumers learn more about what you do, and you can also showcase the company, and the people who work there, through photography. Imagery is easier for our brains to interpret than words and in those few seconds, the images displayed can create a connection of trust and credibility for your brand.

Headshots Don’t Have to Be Boring

When most people think of headshot photography, they probably think of an image of someone’s head against a bland background. Surprise your audience by having untraditional backgrounds or unusual poses.

When we worked with the Rogers Park Business Alliance to come up with a brand identity package and integrated campaign for Howard Street, we wanted to connect the ecclectic businesses to those living in Rogers Park and the city of Chicago as a whole. To do that, we photographed the business owners in their element, highlighting the unique value their business brings to the surrounding neighborhood while inviting those who hadn’t yet come to the last stop on the Red Line to make the journey.

Hello Howard Heashots

Headshots work best when the subject is comfortable and ready to offer an authentic smile. We’ve shot on-location, in offices, and in our studio with backgrounds, and no matter what the background, the best shots are when we capture somone’s confidence.

Fun and Confident Headshots

Need help with your next batch of headshots? We can help you with images that look great and connect with your audience.