President + Founder
Over 17 years of experience in video and web

Dreams Big
Plays Hard
Works Harder
Loved by: bartenders, Bears fans, gingers
Feared by: sausages, slower cyclists

A man of vision, George founded Sparkfactor in 1996 when digital was just a niche area within the advertising and design industry.

He’s eager to please, hard working, and loves being part of a community. If you need a video of your son or daughter playing baseball shot the weekend of Pitchfork music festival, George will be there himself. Yes, he personally wants to see your kids get into a good college. No one here can explain it, but we’ve seen it. He’s the same way when it comes to Sparkfactor’s clients, he expects them go far and does what it takes to get them there. George believes in his team and he’s passionate about keeping work and life in balance. Don’t think advertising and digital media will work for your business? Our founder will work twice as hard to prove otherwise.  

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