Now that you’ve made your way onto Facebook and started moving up your ad game, you need to cement something in the minds of your customers. You need to show your clients your product or service in more than just posts, you need to show them in real time. This is where video ads come in. It is an extremely effective way to both introduce people to your product and pull them in to get the sales. Video advertising, especially on social media, is a fantastic way to extend your reach.

Continue reading for Sparkfactor’s effective and necessary tips to make your video ads a success.



When you decide to embark on this project, you have to set out with a clear goal in mind: how to best present your product / service to the world. Make a list of some basic questions you can answer before you even start preparing, such as:

  • How can you make your product or service appealing to your customers?
  • What will get people interested onto your product?
  • Why should they be interested in your brand specifically?
  • What can your business do that others cannot?

Questions and others like these are a perfect platform to get yourself started.

The content in your video, what you will be showing to the viewers, is key to taking their attention. A dynamic and interesting way to put across your content instead of a slideshow presentation is what will keep your company inside their heads. With Sparkfactor’s help, we can create a storyboard for your video so it gets a stellar start. A storyboard from us will set a ground level for you and your team.

Then, when you are ready to shoot the video, call upon Sparkfactor for help in finding a location and what type of equipment you want to shoot with. You can also use the storyboard scenes as guidelines for shooting. When the shooting is done, be sure to let us at Sparkfactor handle the editing, as we want to make it pop and fit your businesses style. Using motion type and graphics in order to liven up the video will be certain to grab the user’s eyes and keep their attention to your video’s content.

Video marketing is very quickly on the rise, so it is crucial to catch this train now.

Keeping Viewers Hooked


With video ads having increased traffic as much as 76% for businesses that started to use it, there is no better time to begin. Attracting traffic is one thing, but keeping your customers staying through it is another. Your business won’t get anywhere if people click away after the first few seconds, so you need to find a way to grab their attention. Start off your video with a statement that will hook your target audience. Perhaps by addressing a common problem or by sharing how your brand stands out among the rest. You can also grab their attention with catchy visuals or interesting music.

Once you have their attention, holding it is critical. You want to avoid making your ad into a full length movie; many ads are 15 seconds or less. If it’s longer than a minute, usually 5% of people stop watching. But if it’s longer than two, that number jumps to 60%. Compact your main ideas along with what you want to get across in a short, sweet way. You will also want to use a script instead of winging it, so you can communicate with confidence.

When Your Video Is Ready


At Sparkfactor, our greatest tool is creativity. It’s our strongest attribute, and we strive to make sure our creative services can get across your creative ideas to your clients. Our motto in regards to making videos is “Uniquely Human, Surprisingly Precise.” Let us help you deliver a precise, simple, yet powerful message in the form of your video advertisement. Video ads are uniquely special in their effectiveness and their ability to get across the kind of stories to tug on your heartstrings. Our team has had many years of experience creating video advertising for our clients, from concepts to post-production. Let Sparkfactor be the one to deliver your amazing ideas to the world.

Once you’ve finished producing and perfecting your video ad with us, there are some final things to go over. You’ll want to put in a Call To Action (usually at the end of the video) to prompt your customers to check you out. This can either be through providing links to your social media or other contact information.

You’ll also want to consider where to put your video ad once it’s finished. Many consumers engage with video ads on Facebook the most (49%), then YouTube (32%), and then Instagram (24%). Facebook holds the highest engagement and easiest spreadability, so it’s the platform of choice.

Video marketing is an incredibly useful strategy to spread information about your business. Having these tips in your toolbox will help craft a winning strategy, so you can create strong video ads to bolster your brand.


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