Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council Annual Report Brochure

The Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council selected Sparkfactor to create an informational brochure and annual report for the Special Service Area #13, the Stockyards Industrial Park, which is under purview of the BYNC.

The content provided from BYNC detailed the services the SSA provides to the area, surrounding community, and business climate. They made it easy to inform their audience about what a Special Service Area is and what SSA #13 has accomplished. We used Adobe to create the tri-fold brochure. Each section has a different background color to distinguish itself from surrounding sections, and the brochure also includes relevant images.

Does your neighborhood or organization need a printed brochure or other printed materials to tell others about the work you’re accomplishing? Sparkfactor can help!


SSA #13 tri-fold brochure front

SSA #13 tri-fold brochure back

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