5 Ways to Build a Contact List to Start an Email Marketing Campaign

This week is Email Week, so throughout the week we’ll be posting insights about the various aspects of email marketing.

Before your company starts an email marketing campaign, you need to have email addresses of contacts to send to. Best practices say that email address lists shouldn’t be bought, but that email addresses should be earned and cultivated by having consumers opt-in for email communication. You’ll also want the list to grow, not just at the beginning of a campaign, but as you continue to communicate with your audience. Knowing that the average email purchase neurontin canada list declines at about 22% a year, having a consistent email capture system in place is necessary. Here are a few ways you can add email signups to your marketing efforts.

On a Static Webpage

The default way to collect email addresses is on your website. You can post a simple text form, with a space for an email address and, depending on how you structure your email sends, frequency of notifications on the sidebar of a blog or in the footer of your website. Create a simple landing page that includes the form and a summary of what the emails will contain to give your audience an idea of what they’re signing up for.

Through a Pop-Up

Not to be confused with spammy pop-up windows from yesteryear, modern pop-ups can come from a side or bottom of a webpage, or as the mouse moves to close the window. These pop-ups are minamally instrusive and have easy-to-see close buttons. They are also an effective method of gathering emails because they bring awareness to your email list and create a connection with somone who’s already been to your site and would be willing to find out more information.

Via Hard Copy

There are a few times when having a hard copy of a sign up form or a link to the static webpage can be beneficial. If your company has a storefront, having a clipboard with an email signup list next to the register or business cards is a great way to get people more invested in your business. If you go to trade shows or host events, having a hard copy or iPad asking for email addresses also works in your favor. And a link to the static webpage on invoices or emailed receipts also provide another way for customers to stay connected.

Directly on Social Media

The content you provide through your emails should be different enough-and personalized enough-from content shared on social media that your followers will still find value from opting-in to your email communication. Add a link to the static webpage in your social media descriptions. Facebook also has an Add a Button feature, where you can connect your email signup directly to the top of your Facebook page.

From Your Email Signature

Adding a link in your email signature is a great way for prospects and other kinds of connections to learn about your company’s email. Maybe they’re not in the position to buy your products or services right now, but by getting your email, you can stay top-of-mind, so when they are ready, they’ll come to you first.

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