Those Three Little Words

Last night, I had Valentine’s Day on the mind and was searching for something funny to share on Facebook. In the process, I came across this altogether much more sincere video from the gifted people at This American Life. The episode was made here in Chicago – right in Wicker Park. It’s fun, empathetic, and heartwarming. Take a look.

And we don’t just say we love our clients at Sparkfactor. Those aren’t just words. But I guess I’ve learned saying those three little words is important too.

I love you, Gonesh.
I love you, Midwest Performance Cars.
I love you, Integrated Product Management.
I love you, Google Business Photos.
I love you, Crosstown Tree Service.
I love you, Rogers Park Business Alliance.

And I love all the rest of you. Thanks for being part of a great work life for me, David, Vishnu, George, Kate, Andrea, Janice, and Jack

Creative Director at Sparkfactor, Branding geek, Chicago cyclist - rain, wind, or sun.

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