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Startups are the life-blood of our culture of innovation They need every advantage they can get for a strong launch Startups begin with a need. A need that is answered with a vision. That vision is given a name. A name that becomes



Why ask audiences to decode a list of marketing messages? Instead, deliver them in a single, powerful and cohesive package. Video and motion deliver a world that’s instantly exciting and immediately tangible. The right video inspires action (and social sharing)



Your brand is more than just a logo, it’s something powerful and personal. Sparkfactor creates identity systems our customers connect with, logos they can stand on like a soap box, symbols that inspire greatness. An inspired identity design starts conversations,



Your website is how the rest of the world sees you. It means a lot to your customers and even more to you. Sparkfactor’s websites are built to stunning looks and uncompromising performance on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Our design



Direct marketing means reaching your audience where they’re most engaged – in-person and in e-mail. Sparkfactor has knowledge and insight gleaned from years of experience and industry best practices. We also have creativity that connects and commands your customers attention.



When a message can drive the success of your business, you don’t just wait for people to notice, you raise your banner and march. Sparkfactor creates advertising that starts conversations, sometimes even a little controversy. We don’t believe in one-trick

Social Media


The immediate impact of social media marketing can’t be duplicated anywhere else. Getting the best of what social has to offer your business takes knowledge, and hands-on experience. Sparkfactor’s digital media experts give your marketing strategy the advantage of a

Branding and Identity Development

A brand’s identity is the visual expression of a brand that is communicated to the outside world, and includes its name, logo, communications, and visual appearance. A brand identity creates an emotional connection and reflects the brand positioning and desired

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sparkfactor is a full service digital agency in Chicago. We design and build amazing websites, bring life to stories through videos and motion graphics, create inspiring identities and promote brands across social, print, outdoor, and out of home media. Visit us any time. We're always ready to listen to your next challenge.

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