Kate Alpert


Director of Client Services
Famous for the best chili on the North Side

Small Biz Advocate
Q.A. Crusader
Genuine, Relatable
Loved by: her adorable son, us, you.
Feared by: less apt softball players

When you need someone with a sharpshooter’s eye for detail, Kate is your Annie Oakley. She’s all about business – right up to the moment before the big chili cookoff (no kidding). 

Kate loves getting to know each of our clients and understand marketing needs from their perspective. She’s also a born motivator and manages to build understanding and consensus when others need a hand. Maybe it’s because she’s a listener, maybe it’s because she’s tapped in to a deeper level of awareness, maybe there’s a special ingredient in the chili. No matter why, Kate is one of our favorite people. If your current agency relationship is all about your agency and not enough about you, it’s time the two of you talked.

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