David Hanus


Senior Developer
Photographer and Videographer

Computer geek par excellence
Plays every stringed instrument
Cool without trying
Loved by: pie vendors, other developers
Feared by: pies, waify hipsters with beard envy

Yes, there is a doctor in the house. “Doctor Dave,” our Senior Developer and  photo pro can cure what ails you. He’s an bona-fide expert in WordPress, HTML 5, responsive design, SEO tools, web analytics… this could get to be a long list. Suffice it to say, there’s nobody we know with a deeper bag of tech tools than David. We haven’t talked at all about his photo chops, but pictures speak louder than words. Just take a look his work on the Hello Howard campaign. We needn’t say more.

In his free time, David plays bluegrass, listens to 80’s metal, rides his bike, brews his own beer, and takes even more amazing photos. Jealous? You bet.

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